TCC\'s October eBulletin


TCC eBulletin – October 2018

Welcome to Transforming Churches & Communities eBulletin. 

I hope you enjoyed last month’s Ebulletin and for those of you who are receiving this for the first time, welcome!

Churches today are required to have a level of ‘professionalism’ when engaging in work with communities. TCC helps churches and community groups meet the requirements to set up and run activities effectively at a local level. TCC are experts on matters of project management, governance, funding, strategic partnerships and employment. They are also well connected with other experts to draw on, when required. 

TCC’s aim is to facilitate self-determination – we come to support, enable and up-skill local teams to run their own activities. However, TCC can manage entire projects for Churches if required – but TCC would only do this if requested by the leadership team of that Church/Circuit/District. 

This email is designed to bring you a snapshot of voluntary, community and faith sector news in a bite sized update and to give you an idea of what we at TCC can offer you assistance or support with.

Simply click on any underlined text to find out more; unless stated, the link will take you to TCC’s website for more information.

Please visit our website for more information on a greater range of topics. Feel free to contact us with any feedback or for queries regarding our services.


You can find a list of funding opportunities on the Funding Page of our website. Don’t forget to check out our monthly funding report which includes over 80 funds you can apply to. We have listed a few for you here;

  • The Duchy Fund: 

Covers the Counties of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. The Trustees of the Fund invite a wide variety of community-based Organisations and charitable causes within these three Counties to apply for a donation that will benefit the local community. 

Grant amount: normally between £250 - £1,000

More information... 

  • Veolia Environmental Trust:  

Veoila Environmental Trust is a great source of funding for community buildings and projects, including those based in churches. You need to be close to a Veoila site and meet several other criteria. There is now an ongoing open process for applying for funding, including all the information you'll need and postcode checker to make sure you are eligible.

More information... 

  • Calor Rural Community Fund: "Projects we support are anything from community centres, village halls and sporting venues to youth clubs and scout groups, or even initiatives to support the elderly. We have already supported a range of off-grid community projects around the UK and we look forward to supporting more this year.”

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2.  NEWS 

We have collected news articles we thought you may be interested in. You can see them all on the News Page of our website. Below is a small sample; 

  • CAF produces free fundraising toolkit: The Charities Aid Foundation has produced a fundraising guide aimed at small and medium sized charities to help them develop their strategies and campaigns. Its Fundraising Fundamentals toolkit features “invaluable information for new and established charity fundraisers”. It covers areas including getting started, multichannel fundraising, and knowing and retaining donors.

More information... (external website) 

  • Civil Strategy - NCVO Blog posts: We have heard a lot about the new Civil Strategy but what does it all mean? For a more in-depth look you can read articles on a range of topics from infrastructure, funding, regulation, volunteering, finance and much more. 

More information... (external website) 

  • Do you know that Transforming Churches and Communities has modelled itself on a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS). There is normally one based near you that will provide general advice on a range of activities. TCC often works closely with this type of organisation and Liverpool CVS is an example.

More information... (external website)


There is no shortage of events and training going on in the North West. There are several listed on the Events Page of our website. Here are just a few;

-        Digital Skills Masterclass: Manchester - On 19 October, join Media Trust, with support from Google Digital Garage, along with a host of like-minded charities, community groups and experts for a unique masterclass dedicated to developing your digital marketing knowledge.

More information... (external website) 

-        Measuring Impact - A Masterclass (Bolton) – You know you are making a big difference, but how do you prove to potential funders, your board and even yourself just how big that difference is? This class will help you define and clarify outcomes as well as create a plan to achieve goals.

More information... (external website)

-        Action Together Funding Fair 2018 (Oldham and Tameside) - Action Together's Funding Fair is an opportunity for you to speak directly to funders; access essential funding information, advice and support; network with other local organisations.

More information... (external website)


If you would like us to publicise any of your events or opportunities or wish to find out more about our services please feel free to contact us.

If you no longer wish to receive this eBulletin or to request it be sent to an alternate email address please reply to this email including your name, request and email address.

John Wareham

Senior Development Manager

Transforming Churches and Communities