The Charity Awards 2019

The Charity Awards provides charities of all shapes and sizes with a window to showcase their efforts and the impact they have made.

Now entering its 20th year, the Charity Awards continues to recognise those charities that are innovative, exemplify best practice, and deliver sustainable benefit to communities and society in general.

“In 2000 I started the Charity Awards to celebrate excellence and now over 15 years later they are needed more than ever to emphasise the vital part the sector has to play in ensuring a fair and more equal society. We should be proud of who we are and what we do.”
Daniel Phelan, Founder of Civil Society Media and The Charity Awards

The deadline for entry is 22nd February. The 2019 Charity Awards will be held at The Pavilion on June 5, within the stunning grounds of the Tower of London.

Visit the Charity Awards Website for more information.