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Charity publishes interactive children?s services map

Last updated: 27 February 2019

The map has been published online by the Children’s Society and is part of analysis by a group of charities into children’s services funding cuts in England.

The Children’s Society has launched an online interactive map so that people in England can see the extent of funding cuts to children’s services in their area.

The interactive map has been launched as part of a research project by a group of children and young people’s charities to highlight the impact of austerity and rising demand for care services on council’s children’s services budgets.

The research has found that children’s services budgets across England have been cut by a third per child since 2010.

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The best online fundraising platforms for charities

Last updated: 25 February 2019

There has been an explosion in the number of dedicated online fundraising plaforms for fundraising, letting charities and their supporters quickly and effectively raise money. But not all of them are free to use, or as cost effective for charities.

JustGiving was one of the first online fundraising platforms, having collected over £4 billion for charities since its launch in 2001. But the company deducts a 5% fee from each donation made through the site and charges a monthly fee for charities. The other go-to platform, Virgin Money Giving, charges a £150 fee to register.

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Instagram to launch new donation tool

Last updated: 25 February 2019

Instagram has announced it will be launching a new tool, allowing people to donate through Instagram stories.

The announcement was made at the Facebook Community Summit at the company’s HQ last week. The tool hasn’t yet been rolled out but is due to be implemented in the coming months.

Users of the picture-led social media platform will be able to support a charity by adding a ‘donation sticker’ to their Instagram stories.

The one-click sticker is designed to encourage followers to click through to a charity or non-profit of their choice and donate to a good cause. 

The announcement follows an announcement made by Facebook in November last year, which said people had raised over $1bn for charities through Charitable Giving on Facebook.

Click here to read the full article on the Charity Times website.

Online giving in the UK increases 5.5% in 2018

Last updated: 25 February 2019

The report also found that 24% of all online donations globally were made using mobile devices, continuing a five-year trend in the growth of giving through mobile devices. The findings indicate that organisations without mobile-friendly websites, donation forms or email functionality may begin to find themselves at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly competitive giving landscape.

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Charities must improve storytelling to attract more major donors

Last updated: 5 February 2019

Charities need to change the way they share information to attract major donors, a charity consultant has advised. Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising's Major Donor Fundraising Conference on Monday, Caroline Underwood, chief executive of fundraising consultancy, Philanthropy Company, outlined the major trends in philanthropy and major giving and said that the information that charities share needs to be easily “digestible” if they hope to attract donors. 

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VAT and Church repairs

Last updated: 5 February 2019

The House of Commons Library has published a report examining how construction work for churches is treated for VAT in the UK, proposals for reform in this area, and the changes made in Budget 2012, removing the zero rate of VAT which had applied to alteration work on listed buildings. It also gives details of the current grant scheme for church repairs.

The full paper can be read here:   

To date the Government have published no specific details as to the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU on VAT, beyond stating its ambition for an agreement on “common processes and procedures” to avoid the need for any new VAT-related border controls on goods moving between the UK and the EU. It has also confirmed that, under the draft Withdrawal Agreement concluded in November 2018, the UK would remain compliant with EU law, including VAT law, during the ‘transition period’ prior to the implementation of the new, yet to be negotiated, UK-EU partnership arrangements. In turn, this underpins the Government’s current position regarding the rate of VAT on church repairs.

Community Buildings - Empowering Design Practices

Last updated: 5 February 2019

Drawing on their work with historic places of worship across the UK, this site offers suggestions for introducing new features to community spaces whilst minimising impact on the existing fabric and style.

This website is a great starting point if you are planning a refurbishment. The themes will start your converstation off on the right foot. 

Click here to visit Explore Design

Charities that don\'t embrace digital soon will go the way of Woolworths

Last updated: 5 February 2019

Most charities do not have a digital strategy, lack digitally trained staff and should act now to avoid falling behind, according to findings from The Charity Digital Code Benchmark Report.

The benchmarking tool was launched in the autumn and this is the first report, which collated the results 150 charities.

It revealed that 63 per cent of charities do not have a codified digital strategy. 75 per cent of charities also have a shortage of digitally trained staff, which is holding them back from using digital in an effective way.

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Writing a Constitution

Last updated: 31 January 2019

A Constitution is a set of rules stating what your group wants to achieve and how it will be run.

Why do you need a Constitution?

Some groups feel that they do not want to be so formal as to have a Constitution. There are many groups of friends or acquaintances who meet together informally for years for a specific purpose and who do not have a Constitution and feel they can manage very well without rules.

However, when a group embarks on certain activities or takes on responsibilities, then more formality is needed. An example of this is raising funds to provide a service to the community, then writing a set of rules would become a priority.

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Last updated: 28 January 2019

These principles aim to support charities, their governing bodies, and those who work and volunteer in and with them in recognising and resolving ethical issues and conflicts, and make charities a safer place.

This is intended as an enabling document that draws together and underpins what many charities do already, and which all charities aspire to do. 

To download the guide, visit the NCVO website by clicking here


Last updated: 28 January 2019

Its Future Digital Inclusion programme has now helped more than a million people

The Future Digital Inclusion programme has helped more than a million people gain digital skills, the Good Things Foundationhas said.

The social change charity said the milestone had been achieved through the programme and £15m of backing from the Department for Education that has been directed at communities across England.

Scheduled over five years, Future Digital Inclusion is designed to help people who are excluded from the digital world to learn the skills that will enable them to benefit from technology. More than 80 per cent of those so far helped face social exclusion, including unemployment, poverty, low skills or disabilities, the foundation said.

The programme supports people to learn a range of basic digital skills, from using a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen for the first time to using internet banking, accessing digital health resources and applying for work online.

Read more the rest of the article by clicking here (Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde CVS)

How to set up a text donation service for your charity

Last updated: 14 January 2019

We have found a handy guide that expalins how text donations work. 

Receiving donations via SMS text messaging has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ease-of-use and convenience for people who are on the go, short of time, or don't have cash on them. Around 89% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone, so it's a fundraising channel with huge potential. Read more by clicking here.

Charities winning 1 in 10 ?suitable? public sector contracts, research finds

Last updated: 3 January 2019

Charities are only winning a tenth of public sector contracts that have been specifically marked as suitable for voluntary organisations, according to new research. Analysis by data provider Tussell, on behalf of Social Enterprise UK, found that about 10 per cent of all contracts listed on the government’s Contracts Finder page were marked as suitable for voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSEs). Furthermore, it found that in the first half of 2018 just 11 per cent of these specifically marked contracts actually went to VCSEs. 

To read more visit the civil society website.

Call for research project proposals - Ageing Equally?

Last updated: 3 January 2019

The ‘Ageing Equally?’ research project is focusing on what makes a good place in which to grow older for people who belong to minority communities. Research from the Ambition for Ageing programme has shown us that marginalisation is linked to the risk of social isolation.

This programme aims to generate a deeper understanding of what supports wellbeing and what makes places age-friendly for a cross-section of communities of identity or experience within the population of Greater Manchester, in order to prevent social isolation.


As part of ‘Ageing Equally?’ GMCVO is seeking proposals for research projects (up to £8,000 for maximum 9 months)

Visit for more information

Find your local CVS

Last updated: 12 December 2018

A CVS is a key resource and information point for local voluntary and community organisations. Such support can make the difference between a community need being identified and responded to, or not. Support can be wideranging. Key elements may include:

  • funding information
  • employment / financial services and advice
  • legal / constitutional information
  • meeting space and office accommodation
  • office services
  • regular mailings
  • training and / or information about other training providers
  • general advice and guidance
  • recruitment and placement of volunteers.

Click here for a map of CVSs in the North West. Click on the one closest to you for website and contact information. 

Brexit Civil Society Alliance launches website to protect sector interests in EU withdrawal

Last updated: 28 November 2018

The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is a UK wide alliance of charities, voluntary and campaigning organisations, all working together to ensure that the voices of civil society are heard in the Brexit process.

Stewardship introduces feature for \'instant Gift Aid\'

Last updated: 28 November 2018


Christian charity Stewardship has announced the introduction of a new feature to add Gift Aid instantly to charity donations.

The charity, which helps Christian charities and churches to process donations, has introduced the feature to help speed up Gift Aid donations by underwriting the value of reclaimed tax to account holders of the donor advised fund (DAF) when receiving donations.

The charity will be able add the tax relief instantly to all gifts up to £25,000 to its 30,000 account holders, making it available to distribute to causes immediately.

Read the full article by visiting the Charity Times website -  click here


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