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TCC has been formed by transforming a very successful pilot project funded by the Methodist Church of Britain into a new organisation. The work developed within that project has enabled TCC to have a sound base with which to build on in the future.

The new organisation has experienced staff transferred from the projects’ accountable body.

The service is mainly based on outreach support provided for on a needs led basis. The mainstay of the service is organisational and community development. The fundamental belief is that TCC is an enabler and seeks to empower the people it works with to develop their skills, knowledge and experience to do their best for their communities. Sustainability and self-determination is always at the forefront of our support delivery.

TCC’s main activities are:

  1. Information Service:

    The information service provides a range of, mainly, electronic based resources accessed through our website. This includes policy documents, fact sheets and useful information on current funding and other organisational development opportunities.

    Through our successful ORCA database we are able to segment information distributed by e-bulletins. This includes funding opportunities, information relevant to themes (such as young people or older people) and by local authority areas.

  2. Basic Service:

    The basic service provision is a telephone conversation, an e-mail or a short scoping visit to indentify minor advice queries or a more in-depth session that may lead to a commissioned programme of work. This will be a quick and responsive service free of charge and will be a ‘first level’ information, advice and guidance function.

  3. Consultancy Service:

    The consultancy service provides a greater level of in-depth support. The needs that are identified through the first level process will often lead to an increased range of support and will almost certainly be a longer term relationship. This service will have a cost attributed to it, whether it is a direct payment to TCC, as the training or consultancy deliverer or it may include engaging external consultants with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience that TCC may not have, to ensure the most appropriate level of support. In either case TCC will manage the support agreed with the beneficiary.

  4. Project Management:

    TCC provides a comprehensive project management service for organisations, churches and projects. The range of the services can be as small or as large as the organisation requires. Examples of the level of support include:

    • Financial planning and monitoring in relation to funders requirements
    • Day to day management of the project finances
    • Business planning
    • HR management and supervision of employees and volunteers
    • Delivery of the organisations/projects’ outputs and outcomes

    TCC’s aim is to:

    • provide excellent services to those that seek our support.

    TCC’s strategic objectives are to:

    • create solid partnerships to enable us to flourish as an innovative and supportive organisation.
    • develop activities and services to ensure a sustainable future for TCC and those that we support.
    • develop the capacity and skills of those we support in their journey to help the most disadvantaged and socially and economically excluded to enable them to participate more fully in society.

    TCC’s priority in all of our work is to ensure that our future focus is on delivering greater value and benefits to our beneficiaries, key stakeholders and partners, effectively and efficiently.

    There is an emphasis in our approach on the quality of our delivery, monitoring and evaluation systems and how we assess and report on the impact of our work to a range of audiences.

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