Community Development Support

The service:

The service is mainly based on outreach support provided on a needs led basis.

The mainstay of the service is organisational and community development. The fundamental belief is that TCC is an enabler and seeks to empower the people it works with to develop their skills, knowledge and experience to do their best for their communities. Sustainability and self-determination is always at the forefront of our support delivery.

To assist TCC in making an initial assessment, it would be really helpful if you could fill out the Initial Information Form and return it to:

On receipt of the form we will endeavour to contact you within two working days.


TCC has created an online resource centre of information, relevant legislation and good practice guides which have been designed to assist Churches and groups to build their commitment to their communities.

The resource centre is being constantly updated to keep abreast of changing needs and legislation and we will also offer bespoke services to individual Churches and agencies who are a part of our membership scheme.

The current categories are: