Bailrigg - Bid Accelerator Day June 2019

Friday 14th June 2019

A full day to accelerate your bid proposal.

This workshop/retreat is an ideal opportunity to not only get some discussion and peer support for the bid you're writing, but also have some distraction-free time to actually write your bid.


You MUST have a bid in development and have submitted a completed bid proposal form to our Design Manager, Sharon Summers, before the event. We request a bid outline beforehand simply so that we know ahead of time what people are working on so that we can support you more effectively.

You can find a blank bid proposal form here.

Your day

The morning will be spent discussing your bids and include group work aimed to increase your bid writing skills.

After lunch will be devoted to writing your bids with presentations on progress at 6pm before leaving at 7pm.

All refreshments will be provided - including lunch and evening pizza.

Visit Funding Accelerator website for more information. 

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