Making Community Leadership Work

Saturday 9th May 2020

Everyone seems to be claiming they are community-led, or that they support community leadership, or telling others they ought to do it. 

But what does being community-led actually look like on the ground? How do you make it work? What are the pitfalls and contradictions? How do you sustain it? Is it more of a frame of mind or must it be a formal process? Is it, indeed, always desirable? 

It’s time to have an honest ‘warts and all’ conversation that cuts through the glossy rhetoric so we can help people deal with the practical challenges of trying to make it work.

  • ‘Warts and all’ learning from high profile community-led organisations on the benefits and challenges of community leadership.
  • Connection with other community-led organisations, supporters, and funders who can offer practical support and guidance in response to your own specific questions or challenges.
  • Exploration of both the formal and much more informal ways community leadership emerges.
  • Support to start to work on your own practical challenges in committing to community leadership or trying to fund or support others to make it work.

For more information visit Manchester Community Central.

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