TCC presents Governance For Mission

GOVERNANCE FOR MISSION or What you don’t know won’t ‘hurt’ you.... or will it?

What is it? These are introductory sessions, each one similar, providing reflections on ‘good’ governance and ‘not so good’ governance.

Who is it for? It is a MUST for members of Church Council, Circuit Meetings and District Council and for anyone who is a Managing Trustee of a Charity.

The main focus will be highlighting the roles and responsibilities of being a managing trustee of a Church, Circuit, District or Charity. In addition, through case studies, we will be discussing what the consequences are when things go wrong and how to avoid them in the first place.

We have three dates available for you to attend our online Zoom sessions. They are all in February, and will last for around two to three hours.

2.00 pm, Tuesday, 9th of February, 2021
7.00 pm, Thursday, 18th of February, 2021
10.30 am, Saturday, 27th of February, 2021

Further, more advanced, sessions will be available concentrating on buildings, risk assessments and Trustee induction, handbook and reporting, on request.

To reserve your place please click through to the link below:
Telephone: 0788 333 9698 or 07801 627434 for more information.

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