Webinar on Digital Fundraising for Small Charities

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on how charities raise money with activities such as fundraising events being cancelled. We organised this webinar to respond to the urgent need of charities to adopt new ways of raising money through digital fundraising.

Matt Haworth, Co-Founder & Director of Reason Digital hosted the webinar. Reason Digital specialise in digital transformation and for over a decade they've been partnering with charities to combat some of society's biggest issues with award winning digital innovation.

Matt shared an overview of the techniques and strategies charities can use to raise money online and gave some tips on immediate action you can take.

The webinar covered:

  • The types of fundraising charities can focus on during this time e.g. virtual fundraising events
  • How charities will need to adapt their strategies and tools due to the COVID-19 crisis
  • Which methods could provide the biggest short-term result for charities
  • How charities can continue to reach out to their current supporter base
  • Some useful tips and tricks when it comes to fundraising digitally
  • The immediate actions charities can take and a check list of what these are.

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