Funding Opportunities

Gay and Peter Hartley’s Hillards Charitable Trust


One-off grants for local voluntary and community organisations doing charitable work to improve social welfare in areas formerly served by a Hillards store in North and Central England.

Funding is intended to support locally managed charitable organisations undertaking projects that provide social support to the communities in areas across North and Central England that were once served by a Hillards store. 

The Trust support projects with the following themes: 

  • Care for older people.
  • Medical health.
  • Physical/mental health.
  • Children's charities.
  • Church based projects.
  • Education.

Normally, the Trust makes one-off grants of up to £1,000. 

It might also award two £10,000 grants, where such a grant can deliver a significant impact for an organisation.

Visit the  Gay and Peter Hartley’s Hillards Charitable Trust for more information.