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2021: the year of collaboration? – the power of partnerships in the third sector

THE COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented difficulties for the charity sector, but in this article, Rod Buckley, Director at the Rapid Relief Team UK, celebrates the spirit of collaboration which charities have shown in the face of these challenges.

2020 was an unimaginable year for all of us. We have all been impacted by the fallout from COVID-19, but one sector that has been hit particularly hard is the charity sector.

The pandemic has led to devastating economic consequences and social distancing restrictions, placing charities across the UK under huge financial strain. In June last year, Pro Bono Economics published a report stating that charities faced a £10.1billion funding gap over the next six months due to COVID-19. They predicted that incomes were expected to drop by £6.7billion at the same time as demand for their support rose by the equivalent of £3.4billion. The report also stated that small charities, with incomes of less than £500,000 a year, were especially exposed to the income squeeze. Worryingly, the report stated that close to two-in-three (63 per cent) organisations had already reduced their activity in a significant way.

Fast forward to 2021, and the situation is still problematic for the charity sector. More research published by Pro Bono Economics in November last year described a similarly dire situation with three-quarters of charities warning they are preparing for next year to bring high levels of demand for their services.

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