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3 ways to help your leadership team learn about digital

When we asked charities to tell us last year what the key issues were that they faced in digital, the main challenge wasn’t tools, data or platforms. It was about people, and specifically, leaders. In the 2018 Charity Digital Skills Report, which we run annually with Skills Platform, charity professionals told us that they expected greater digital leadership.

77% told us they wanted their senior team to provide a clear vision of digital and what it could help them to achieve, whilst 53% of respondents would have liked their senior team to have some experience or understanding of digital tools, growing from 46% the year before.

It will be fascinating to see how this has changed and we’d love to hear your views in this year’s report. Of course, there are some leaders who are not only championing digital but inspiring their charities to break new ground with it. But the stats from last year suggest that this is the exception, not the norm.

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