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Boris Johnson As Prime Minister – What Does It Mean For Everything That’s Not Brexit?

Now we know that Boris Johnson will be our new prime minister, we thought we should look at what it might mean for charities and what you should be looking out for in the weeks and months ahead. Our Brexit expert Ben Westerman has looked at what all this might mean for Brexit, but we thought it was also worth spending time looking at the impact of what the new government might mean for charities beyond Brexit.

There might be more money (for some)

The last ten years (at least until the Brexit vote) have been dominated by the financial crisis and cuts to government expenditure.

A significant feature of the Conservative leadership contest were the expensive promises made, particularly by Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. Though, it’s also worth noting thatAndrea Leadsom made a specific pitch that ‘austerity is over’. While some of these promises were aimed at hefty tax cuts, it was noticeable that both candidates found it difficult to defend what was seen as a lack of spending in a variety of areas.

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