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British Muslims change lives with their generosity – we can do more by ensuring our charity is both smart and safe

The holy month of Ramadan is due to commence early next week where Muslim’s fast between sunrise and sunset. Another notable fixture of this important period is the generosity of the Muslim community. Ramadan is always a time of increased giving from the British Muslim community, which increases exponentially from other times of the year. 

It is well known that British Muslims are enormously generous in their charitable giving and are the most charitable religious community in the UK. Exclusive research from the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) showed that in Ramadan last year alone, contributions from donors was over £130m to British Muslim INGOs that helped people across 40 countries. A remarkable figure in its own right but to collect such a vast amount of money in a single month alone deserves great recognition and celebration. The generosity of the Muslim community showcases the best of being British and being Muslim. Read the full article by vistining Civil Society website