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Eight Steps to Planning Marketing Campaigns

Slick digital marketing campaigns don’t happen overnight. Planning a campaign takes effort from across different charity teams. In this guide, we take a step-by-step approach. Starting with the campaign goals you’re looking to achieve, we deep dive into how marketing campaigns work and what to look for.

Step One: Define your digital marketing goals
There are many reasons to launch a digital marketing campaign. For many charities, digital marketing campaigns focus around fundraising and awareness. Last year, the most memorable campaigns were those that had clear goals.

In 2019, some of the best examples included #RECLAIMSOCIAL and the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild. These campaigns focused on creating awareness for charity causes.

In 2020, most charity campaigns have focused on digital fundraising. NHS Charities Together captured over £100 million though digital marketing. Smaller charities are also using digital marketing to fundraise. The RNLI raised over £25,000 by creating a Facebook post with a donate button. The post captured the excitement of a boat rescue. This digital fundraising campaign showed how the RNLI motivated social media audiences by using footage of a sea rescue.

The most successful campaigns we’ve seen have focused both on cause awareness and fundraising. For digital campaign leaders, it is important to define the goals of the campaign.

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