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Manchester and Stockport District - District Partnership Fund (DPF)

Manchester and Stockport District - District Partnership Fund (DPF)

The District Partnership Fund (DPF) was set up by the Manchester & Stockport District to provide advice and support to those who join. Churches have access to advice and information on day to day matters that they sometimes have difficulty finding.

TCC deliver the DPF on behalf of the District , with DPF membership starting from 1st May 2018. The District Trustees have delegated the management of the fund to the District Grants Committee.

Those becoming members do so for an initial 3 year period. The cost is 1% of available assets at the end of the financial year. If you have no reserves or cash in hand at the end of the year it is ‘free’, £5,000 would be £50 and so on. Churches and Circuits can join at any time.

Publicity leaflets and information have been provided through a variety of sources including the District bulletin and Synod. Recently there has been publicity sent to Circuit treasurers and included in bulletins and the DPF information is on the District website. This states that we are willing to attend church councils or circuit meetings to inform / answer questions.

The enquiries concerning support for the members of the DPF have been mainly centred around property and financial matters, which are the issues raised by Churches and Circuits prior to it being set up.

To encourage and remind those who have joined the DPF the Circuit/Church treasurer has been contacted in order to arrange a meeting so that any matters requiring help/support can be raised.

Any Church or Circuit that wishes to sign up to the fund can contact us at TCC:

You can read the pdf leaflet from the Manchester and Stockport District