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PM says he will do more to help charities, as public fundraising is paused by regulator

Boris Johnson has promised to do more to support the charity sector through the coming lockdown, while fundraising bodies have said that charities will have to pause public fundraising activities. England is expected to go into another lockdown from Thursday until at least 2 December. In the House of Commons, Rachael Maskell, Labour's shadow charities minister, asked the prime minister what additional resources will be granted to charities. Maskell said: “As fundraising opportunities have dried up and retail stores have been closing down, charities themselves are predicted to have a £10bn deficit, and yet are providing more and more services. “What additional resources will the prime minister bring forward to ensure they can deliver vital services at this time?” Johnson responded: “We will be doing much more over the winter to support the voluntary sector which is, as she rightly says, doing a fantastic job of helping in this crisis.”

In a statement sent to Civil Society News yesterday, Maskell said: “Charities and social enterprises have all but been forgotten by government following the initial £750m made available on 8 April.   “This year’s deficit is already projected to exceed £10bn, while this latest lockdown will further harm charity finances as retail outlets close and fundraising events are cancelled. It is time the prime minister recognised the consideration contribution of the sector – which has stepped in like never before during this pandemic.” 

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