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Resource - Social media image sizes 2020 – A guide to all social media platforms

If you are new to posting on social media you will know that image sizing can be very fustrating. Hopefully, this article will take care of that issue for you!

Visual content can help improve your social media posts. It makes your posts stand out but it also increases the engagement you’re having.

The problem is that every social media platform has different dimensions as their optimal image sizes — this makes it harder to know what types of images you need for each channel.

Imagine sharing an image with a quote on all social media platforms and your supporters only see half of it on some channels (unless they click on the full image). Chances are, your post will be ignored.

On the contrary, sharing images with the correct dimensions for every social channel makes your posts more appealing. 

To find out image sizes fro the most popular social media platforms, read the rest of the article by visiting Lightful