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'Simpler, humbler, bolder': Justin Welby tells Premier his vision for Church in 2021

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been outlining his hopes for how the Church emerges from the pandemic.

Justin Welby gave three words for Christians to focus on: "Simpler, humbler, bolder."

He's been speaking to Premier as the UK nears a year since the outbreak of Coronavirus, a year in which the Church shut its buildings for public gatherings, moved online but also expanded its work in communities through things like foodbanks.

"I think we've gained a sense that quite simple, but bold and humble service really introduces people to Christ in a powerful way," he said.

"I think of stories of Christian leaders who have wept with people, they've given food, they've communicated the gospel by praying with people. And that is so Jesus shaped."

Welby says he's been inspired by clergy across the country who've gone above and beyond during the pandemic, especially those in Burnley who's service to their community featured on the BBC.

Some critics of the Church suggest social action should be separated from evangelism - an idea the archbishop describes as "claptrap".

He says doing good deeds should never come with conditions but we shouldn't be afraid to share our faith.

"We start with grace. Isn't grace the most beautiful word in the English language? Everything we do, we do in grace. 

"So we never say to people, you can use this foodbank if you do an Alpha course. No! We say to people, we love you, here is this, and then we pray like anything that as we love people with the genuine, transparent, truthful love of God in Jesus Christ, that people will be prompted by the Holy Spirit. That's our responsibility. 

"I've been visiting people in hospitals, and I pray with people. I have no idea what God's doing in their hearts. But I trust Him.

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