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UK churches consider ticketing for when they reopen after lockdown

Churches may introduce ticket-only services when they reopen this summer to ensure congregations observe physical distancing.

A ticket system is one option being considered by Anglican churches and other places of worship when they are permitted to unlock their doors under step three of the government’s recovery strategy, to be implemented on 4 July at the earliest.

Other issues being considered include whether singing – which may help spread virus particles – should be banned, and whether worshippers can safely receive holy communion, especially if wearing face masks is encouraged.

Churches are expected to ensure congregants sit apart by taping off pews or removing chairs. The suspension of the “sign of the peace”, when congregants shake hands with one other, is likely to continue.

Some Anglican churches may hold back-to-back Sunday services with limited congregations in order to maximise the numbers that can attend while continuing to stream services online.

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